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Welcome to Damian's Home Page!

My name is Damian Johnson and welcome to my page. I am a recent graduate of Washington State University (with a Masters in computer science) and have a particular interest in the issues of open source and privacy.

Unless stated otherwise all my content on this site is free (as in both freedom and free beer) under the GPL v3. If this doesn't work for you then please contact me and in most cases I'd be happy to dual license it under Apache v2 or something more suitable for your project.

Arm Arm - Tor Monitor

Terminal status monitor for Tor relays. This was scripted in Python using the curses interface.

Free Media Free Media

Directory for icons, fonts, music, and other media under permissive licenses, handy for software and web developers.

Riddles Rhyming Riddles

Monthly rhyming 'what am I?' brain teasers.

Kana Quizzer Kana Quizzer

Java flashcard quizzer for learning the Japanese syllabary.

Blender Models Model Gallery

Renderings of my Blender projects with their meshes and textures.

Keybinding Utilities Keybinding Utilities

Java package providing an chooser and editor for keybinding customization and persistence. Both are stable and ready for use by developers.

Applets Applets

Java applets of a few interesting projects I've done with their source code.

Bob's Gallery Bob's Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of works by my dad, Robert Johnson.

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