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Blender Models

Though I'm still a beginner with Blender by any count, I'm listing the models I've done on the off chance someone finds them handy. Projects are in chronological order, newest to oldest.

Freight Truck (resources - 2.5 MB)- Last model for the port research project, based on the one found here. Deceptively detailed, this took a bit over twenty hours to make. DTS resources are available here.


Cargo Lifter (resources - 1.2 MB)- Model for the port research simulation based on the cargo hustler in the same naval photo as the crane. This is my most detailed model yet but I tried to use tiny textures, keeping the file size small this time. DTS resources are available here.


Port Crane (resources - 28.6 MB)- Another model for the port research simulation, based after a naval photo. The vast majority of the size comes from the highly textured (though less than impressive) scene- the crane and its associated textures are only around 2 MB. DTS resources are available here.


Cargo Ship (resources - 4.7 MB)- First model for the research project's simulated port environment. This ship is modeled after the one found here. DTS resources and stand-alone cargo are also available.


Seagull (resources - 647.4 KB)- This is an adaptation of the penguin to form a seagull. Armatures allow the wings to move, but the shoulder joints could use some work. The animated rendering can be found here.


Penguin (resources - 288.0 KB)- Pretty spiffy penguin coming from a couple tutorials (penguin and eyeballs). Torque DTS resources for this figure are also available here.

penguin.png eye.png

Planets (resources - 1.8 MB)- Simple space scene. Planet textures were provided by JHT's Planetary Pixel Emporium.