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Damian Johnson


Current Work - Amazon (SDE) and the Tor project (volunteer)
Languages - Python and Java
Interests - Interface development, computer security, and online privacy
Specialized Tools & Libraries - Curses, Swing, and Blender

Work Experience: (Fall '09 - Present)
Software development for the checkout team of RCX (retail customer experience). We work on customer facing aspects of the Amazon shopping cart and checkout pipeline, maintaining services (C++) and the dynamic server side content (HTML, JavaScript, and Perl Mason).

Tor Project Volunteer (Spring '09 - Present)
Core developer with Tor, an open source online privacy and counter-censorship project. In particular, Tor is a low-latency mix network that uses layered encryption and multiple hops (onion routing) to anonymize proxied TCP traffic.

My work with the project primarily concerns usability and relay operation. I am the author of arm, a terminal based status monitor for Tor relays. This functions much like top does for system resource usage, aggregating information from multiple data sources (the relay consensus, ps, netstat, etc) to give relaying statistics and notify the user when problems occur. This is written in Python using the Curses interface.

Port Simulation Research Project (Fall '07 - Spring '09)
State-sponsored research supervised by professor Larry Holder concerning the simulation of a major seaport in the Torque game engine to analyze it for security concerns such as illicit cargo. Project details and Masters thesis is available here. This also included some time as a teaching assistant for a programming practicum for Python and C.

Kana Quizzer (Personal Project, Summer '08)
Wrote a Java flashcard style quizzing application for learning Japanese. The program tallies how well the user is doing and weights questions to favor those the user is having difficulty with.

Free Media Directory (Personal Project, Winter '07)
Developed a reference site for web and UI developers with media resources (mostly icons) freely available in a libre sense (GPL, CC, etc). This has been featured at places like and averaged over a hundred visitors a day.

Google Summer of Code '08 (Summer '08)
Developed for the SIP Communicator, a Java open source VoIP and chat client, as a participant in Google Summer of Code. Contributions included keybinding customization and internationalized spell checking. Development log and source code can be found here.

Google Internship (Winter '07 - Fall '07)
Six month internship as a software engineer in test with Google Pack. Work included writing an applet front end for the test harness and expanding capabilities of Eggplant test scripts.


  • Washington State University
Fall '07 — Spring '09 GPA: 3.60

Graduated with a Masters of Science in Computer Science

  • University of Washington: Tacoma
Fall '05 — Spring '07 GPA: 3.75

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Software Systems

References available upon request.

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