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Nexus RPG Materials Author: Damian Johnson

Throughout High School and early college I wrote a role playing game called 'Nexus', which composed of sections for two separate themes, one fantasy and the other sci-fi. Each was intended to have a comparable stat systems and notation, making it possible to have games with a mix of the mystic and futuristic (hence the name).

Years passed and players graduated, found jobs, girlfriends, and other time commitments (yes, I'm talking about you Thomas). Since then I haven't had the time to continue development nor found a group interesting in learning to play something other than D&D.

This game is far from complete. Work was done in an ad hoc fashion, focusing on whatever players were interested in at the time. What's available, though, will hopefully be useful to other game developers (all documents are under the Free Art License). If you're using these documents for personal use then there's also illustrated versions available.

All Files (odt, pdf)
Index (odt, pdf)
Character Sheet (odt, pdf)

General Rules:
1.1 - Table of Contents
1.2 - Introduction (odt, pdf)
1.3 - Game Rules (odt, pdf)
1.4 - General Mechanics (odt, pdf)

Fantasy Section:
2.1 - Fantasy Characters (odt, pdf)
2.2 - Skill Descriptions (odt, pdf)
2.3 - Combat Rules (odt, pdf)
2.4 - Races (odt, pdf)
2.5a - General Disciplines (odt, pdf)
2.5b - Potion Making (odt, pdf)
2.6a - Items (odt, pdf)
2.6b - Herbs (odt, pdf)
2.6c - Potions (odt, pdf)
2.6d - Gems (Incomplete) (odt, pdf)
2.7 - Sanctive Magic (odt, pdf)
2.8 - Elemental/Spectoral Magic (odt, pdf)
Low Order Classes:
3.1 - Swordsman (odt, pdf)
3.2 - Pikeman (Incomplete) (odt, pdf)
3.3 - Cutthroat (odt, pdf)
3.4 - Archer (odt, pdf)

High Order Classes:
4.1 - Barbarian (odt, pdf)
4.2 - Paladin (odt, pdf)
4.3 - Dragoon (odt, pdf)
4.4 - Necromancer (odt, pdf)

Older Materials:
Class Descriptions (odt, pdf)
Warriors (odt, pdf)
Maji (odt, pdf)
Wizards (odt, pdf)

This isn't the only free RPG on the net- Legendary Quest is a free (as in beer) RPG with a focus on historical accuracy. It's an incredibly impressive work and I thoroughly encourage anyone willing to try a new RPG to check it out!