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Noc Norade

Noc Norade is the working title for a turn based strategy game I've developed intermittently for the past few years. It was initially made to gain familiarity with Swing and the Java 2D API but is now being rewritten from scratch in the hopes of doing it right and making an interesting, complete game. This project is under the GPL v3.

The game, in a nutshell, consists of tactical combat between fleets of ships controlled by up to four players. These fleets can consist of a variety of crafts, each with unique attributes and functions. This is intended to be a casual game for strategy enthusiasts, with a simple and intuitive interface for quickly starting and playing through a variety of scenarios.

Note: This project has been inactive since March '08 and isn't likely to be continued any time soon

Source Forge Page Source Forge

Project page with screen shots, releases, etc.

Design Docs Design Docs

Game outline and plans for future development.

Java Docs Java Docs

API documentation as of 1/31/08.

Development Log Development Log

Release notes and activity log.

Subversion Repository View Subversion Repository

Most recent code submissions can be checked out with:
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