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Port Simulation

Research for my Masters concerned the simulation of a major seaport in the Torque game engine to analyze it for security concerns such as illicit cargo. This was particularly focused on the feasibility both in terms of development and computational demands. The project was associated with the Simulation and Gaming Lab and advised by professor Larry Holder.

Port Locale Modeling and Scenario Evaluation in 3D Virtual Environments


Simulations that are both accurate and detailed can be costly to implement. As such, we examine the trade-offs of using virtual environments provided by the Torque game engine to simulate a real world seaport, including illicit cargo and the sensors designed to detect such cargo. Specifically, we discuss the modeling of daily operations and issues involved in simulating a dynamic environment (e.g, ships, cargo containers, cranes, and trucks). Finally we cover conclusions drawn from using game engines for simulation purposes, both advantages and an investigation of feasibility concerns. Most prominently issues include the ability to render large areas and the scalability of developing complex interactions. Ultimately, this simulation will serve as a testbed for evaluating optimal sensor deployments and the aggregation of multiple sources of data for decision making.


Defense Presentation:

pdf odt

pdf odp