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Riddle Testing

Hazaa, another laborer for the mines! Kidding, this is trivial if you have some liking for riddles. It'd be nice for riddles to have some notion of their difficulty (easy, medium, or hard) and unfortunately I'm a horribly biased judge for this. If you too wish to render the sting of cold, pitiless judgment then all I need for each riddle is the answer to the following multiple choice question:

Did you think it was...
  1. trivial - on your first try and within a minute
  2. easy - within three tries and around five minutes
  3. medium - eventually
  4. hard - didn't get it

If you're interested then thanks! Please let me know how you fare with the current set of riddles, something like:
July 2009 - a
June 2009 - d
May, 2009 - c
... etc...

and I'll let you know when a new one's ready. Cheers! -Damian