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Come, let me tell you of Hector's demise,
     of Tristan's love and Mordred's lies.
Tales woven by others, not a word I can claim,
     yet my recitings are flawless, each telling the same.

Patience and I'll teach you the words of the wise,
     secret truths only experience supplies.
You'll find me in halls of scholarly concern,
     the rigid tutor that knows yet won't learn.

Hush and know fables both dark and grand,
     of Homer's epics and the Grimm's cautioning hand.
They'll whisper their intrigue in a voice you own,
     slip the hours away till sleep calls you home.



famous heroes and villains

there's always an author
words never change

authors often authorities in their field
alternative to trying everything oneself
numerous in schools and colleges
can't be corrected when wrong

famous fiction authors
reader's internal monologue