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Packages that use BindingEntry

Uses of BindingEntry in chooser

Methods in chooser that return BindingEntry
 BindingEntry BindingPanel.getBinding(int index)
          Provides a binding at a particular index.
 BindingEntry BindingChooser.getSelected()
          Provides the currently selected entry if awaiting input.
 BindingEntry BindingChooser.makeLabels(BindingChooser.FrameColorScheme colorScheme)
          Provides the labels naming the fields.
 BindingEntry BindingPanel.removeBinding(int index)
          Removes the binding at a particular index of the listing.

Methods in chooser that return types with arguments of type BindingEntry
 ArrayList<BindingEntry> BindingPanel.getBindings()
          Provides listing of the current keybinding entries.

Methods in chooser with parameters of type BindingEntry
 int BindingPanel.getBindingIndex(BindingEntry entry)
          Provides the index of a particular entry.
 boolean BindingPanel.putBinding(BindingEntry newEntry, int index)
          Adds a new key binding mapping to a particular index of the listing.
 boolean BindingPanel.removeBinding(BindingEntry entry)
          Removes a particular binding from the contents.
 void BindingChooser.setSelected(BindingEntry entry)
          Sets the shortcut field of an entry to prompt user input.