Package chooser

Class Summary
BindingAdaptor Adaptor that uses keyboard input to set the selected shortcut field of a BindingChooser.
BindingChooser Implementation of the BindingPanel that provides configuring functionality for the keystroke component of key bindings.
BindingEntry Display element for a single key binding.
BindingPanel Panel containing a listing of current keybinding mappings.

Enum Summary
BindingChooser.FrameColorScheme Coloring used for the labels and buttons of constructed dialogs.
BindingChooser.IndentStyle Supported appearances of the indent field, which includes:
NONE- No actions are taken to change the indent field's appearance.
EMPTY- Indent field is set to be invisible (effectively removing it from the display).
SPACER- Blank field that occupies its currently set dimensions.
TYPE- Displays Unicode arrows according to the shortcut's event type (down for KEY_PRESSED, up for KEY_RELEASED, bidirectional for KEY_TYPED, and an 'X' if disabled).
INDEX- Displays the field's index from the top (starting with one).
BindingEntry.Field Elements of the display (ordered left to right):
Indent- Leading index label or icon.
Action- String component of mapping.
Shortcut- Keystroke component of mapping.
Persistence Convenience methods providing a quick means of loading and saving keybindings.