CptS 111 Turnin Page

Assignment: Project 7

Due: Wednesday April 29 by midnight

Welcome to the turn-in page for CptS 111.  Work's accepted up to two days late at the cost of 10% per day.  You can submit work as many times as you like before the deadline.  The last submission is the one that will be graded.

To submit your work simply do the following:

  1. Bundle your work as an archive (zip or tarball), even if it's only one file. If you're uncertain about this part then try 7-Zip, an excellent open source archiving utility available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  2. Select your name on the list below. If it's not there then please contact Damian!
  3. Hit "Browse" and select your work
  4. Hit "Submit" and you should get a confirmation email soon after

(Optional) Is there any additional, special information on your submission?